I believe in education. I believe that the most valuable thing we can give to a child is high level education. I believe in lifelong learning and that it is never too late to start a new profession, hobby, language or instrument.

Both my parents are teachers, so I grew up in a family where I could learn what it means to be a devoted teacher and I saw how much talent and knowledge you need to work with children. After I finished my cello studies, I could not resist to study more about education, so I applied to the University of special education. There I discovered more and more about developmental psychology and pedagogy, alternative education, the versatility of the human nature – about the wonderful and colorful world of children.

The more I worked with children, the more I learnt about myself as well. For me the most important part of teaching is the relationship between me and my student. I love the process how we get to know each other, how our relationship changes from lesson to lesson with every interaction – whether I teach music, Hungarian or speech therapy.

I offer cello and viola da gamba lessons for any age, as well as theory lessons.

If you are interested, please contact me via email: lachegyi_anna@hotmail.com

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